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Attorneys sometimes forget that not everyone is as comfortable with the legal process as they are. At the Law Offices of Lee N. Feinberg, P.A., we have promised ourselves to never forget the view of courts and laws we had before we were lawyers. Courthouses were intimidating, laws were confusing, and lawyers were — well — lawyers.

Our Promise to Our Clients: We Keep You Informed

No lawyer can promise clients that he or she will achieve a specific result on their behalf: no lawyer can promise a conflict-free divorce, or a not-guilty verdict, or an ironclad contract. Such promises are against the rules of ethical conduct that attorneys are bound to follow.

We can promise, however, that as your lawyer, we will always keep you informed. We will explain in detail the stages of the legal process you are facing, so that you know what to expect each step of the way. We will also explain, using clear and straightforward language, the strengths and weaknesses of your case as we see it. We will make sure we understand your goals, and we will make sure that our strategies match your goals.

The Legal Work We Do

The Law Offices of Lee N. Feinberg, P.A.’s focus is on one primary area: family law. Our emphasis on family law comes from the extensive backgrounds that our attorneys have in this area of law.

We are also equipped to handle business law matters, including corporate formation and contract disputes; personal injury lawsuits and settlement negotiations; and landlord-tenant disputes over residential and commercial leases.

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